The Parish Preparation Programme for the Sacrament of Confirmation begins each year with the registration meeting for all parents/guardians with a desire for their child to receive this Sacrament in this Parish. 
This is a big moment in a young person's life. Confirmation marks a time when young people are moving on from childhood to the teenage years. It is a time, parents will, of course want to celebrate, but for many parents it is a time of some anxiety: what pressures will the teenage years bring? 
How will they cope? 
Confirmation offers young people an opportunity to think about serious choices that are facing them – choices about values, choices about faith. In the coming months they will be learning a great deal about the core meanings of Confirmation and Christian faith – about God who loves them for who they are and wants to strengthen them for the challenges of living good and happy lives. 
Christian faith offers a powerful support to young people as they struggle with the pressures of modern life. But they need every encouragement to hold on to and to cherish their faith. 
The school and the Parish make special efforts to prepare young people for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 
We invite each family to come to five special Masses which form the Parish Preparation Programme. 
The Purpose of this Programme. 
In order for us to begin to understand the Sacrament of Confirmation we must first understand what it means to belong to a Community of Faith, and that takes time. This is why we situate this programme at the 12.30p.m. Family Mass on Sunday. 
By inviting the young people and their families to these Masses we are helping them to understand what it means to belong to our Community of faith. We hope the experience of being at a Mass where the young people are acknowledge, where their candles are lit and their voices heard, will help them to feel at home in the Church, to feel that they belong and are welcome. 
Our hope is that over the five special Masses these young people will feel very special within the Parish Community as we all journey with them as they prepare for this Sacrament. 
Anne Flanagan 
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