We remember our friends and loved ones who have died in Christ. 
Week ending 14th December 2017 
Rita Hughes 
Kathleen Foley 
May they enjoy perfect peace and reconciliation in the presence of God. 


Divine Mercy Prayer Group Meeting: 
Every Wednesday in the Parish Centre from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. 
All are welcome, Jesus I Trust in You 

Parish Pastoral Council 

The next meeting for the Parish Pastoral Council will take place on Wednesday, 17th January 2018 at 7.30p.m. in the Parish Centre. 

Liturgy Group 

The next meeting for the Liturgy Group will take place on Wednesday, 17th January 2017 at 7.30p.m. in the Parish Centre. 

Property & Finance Committee 

The next meeting for the Property & Finance Committee to be advised. 

Adult Faith Development Team 

The next meeting of the Adult Faith Development Team will take place on Wednesday, 10th January 2018 at 7.30p.m. in the Parish Centre. 

Scripture Group 

Meets every Wednesday at 10.00am to discuss the readings for the Sunday Mass. If you would like to have a deeper understanding of the Scripture come to this meeting where you will be made very welcome. 

St Joseph's Young Priests 

2nd Friday of the Month: Rosary and prayers for priests and religious vocations after the 9.15a.m. Mass. All are welcome. 

Mass Intentions 

Church of the Holy Child 
Mass Intention 
Monday 18th December 
Aileen Caulfield (Anniversary) 
Tommy Garland (Anniversary) 
Deceased members of the Eccles Family (R.I.P.) 
Tuesday 19th December  
Christina Campbell (Anniversary) 
James Coleman (Anniversary) 
Michelle & James Fannin (Anniversaries) 
Wednesday 20th December 
Jo Coy (Anniversary) 
Deceased members of the Lynch Family (R.I.P.) 
John Kileen (1st Anniversary) 
Thursday 21st December 
Available for Intention 
Deceased members of the Kavanagh Family (Anniversaries) 
Martin Moore (1st Anniversary) 
Liam Bollard (Anniversary) 
Margaret Kelly (R.I.P.) 
Friday 22nd December  
Tully Family 
Joseph & Judy Noonan & deceased members of the Noonan Family (R.I.P.) 
Eileen, Sean & Clare Torphy & deceased members of the Torphy Family (R.I.P.) 
Saturday 23rd December 
Mona O'Brien (Anniversary) 
Richard Ormsby (Anniversary) 
Jimmy Halpin (Anniversary) 
Frances Murphy (Anniversary) 
Nora O'Hanlon (Christmas Mass) 
Sunday 24th December 
For the people of the Parish 
Sarah Dowling (Anniversary) 
James Curtis & Family  
Mass of Christmas for children & families  
Blessed Margaret Ball 
Wednesday 20th December 
Available for Intention 
Sunday 24th December  
Available for Intention